Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hey hey from Tucson Sunday March 25th

Good morning!

It has only taken me a couple of hours to figure out how to transfer my photo file for this blog -- I'm feeling the pressure now that Superwoman has managed to post despite her frantic schedule!

Yesterday was Opening Day here in Tucson. I'm happy to report that both the Muckdogs (Devin's team) and the Cardinals (Justin's team) won their first big games. (Well....Dev's team didn't actually 'win' since they don't keep score in his division, but if you ask him they are well on their way to the World Series at this point.) Devin was up at 4am and had all of his gear on by 5 in anticipation of the big day; one might say he is a bit baseball obsessed at the moment.

Casey also passed her rattlesnake training this weekend. They started her class by taking her out into a big field with a Diamondback tethered in the middle. When she heard the rattle and went to investigate, the trainers used an electric collar to shock her -- she must have jumped about 20 feet in the air. Most dogs have to go through this process a few times before they catch on, but when they took Casey out the second time, the minute she passed the scent bag (literally a snake-in-a-bag with a fan blowing behind it) she turned tail and headed straight for the door. She's either incredibly smart or a serious chicken...either way, you could tell that the other dogs were duly impressed when she got to leave and go home early.

We're chillin' at home this morning and trying hard to do the bare minimum all day. Next week will be frantic again -- games and practices four days, the Odyssey of the Mind state championships for Justin on Saturday and visitors arriving Friday (friends from Michigan) and Thursday the 5th (Mike's brother & his contingent of 5). Time to heat the pool and prepare the Margaritas!

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