Friday, March 23, 2007

From Hallie--I mean, Wonder Woman

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. The Selfridge side had succumbed to the plague, but I was the last and am feeling much more human now.

Max and Sam had Kindergarden Round Up on Tuesday and are now convinced that they are not only kindergardeners, but ready for high school--no more of this pre-school junk, let's move on. We get backpacks, recess, music class, art and library and--this was the big selling point--the classroom had TWO copies of "Ocean Commotion". Preschool only has one copy and, is therefore, inferior. Please don't ask me what Ocean Commotion is about, all I can do is guess that it is a book and has taught us not to kiss alligators or shake hands with lobsters. I think we can agree that this is pretty sound advice we can all learn from.

Porter is ticked he will not be attending kindergarden, but has now promoted himself to 4. Don't try to tell him his birthday is in August--he's 4 now. He's 4, he's Batman and he has dubbed me Wonder Woman. I have requested new business cards with my new name and ask that you all refer to me no longer by my simple human name, but by the Superhero I truly am.

Work has been busy. That's what I get for saying how slow things were two weeks ago--the fate's slapped me upside the head with more than I can handle now. The snow is almost completely gone, but it also rained a ton this week and Brian just called to let me know I have a 4 foot hole across my driveway. Apparently culverts are very important when your driveway crosses over a wetland area and if they get clogged the water will find a way through. So, if anyone is planning a surprise visit to my house soon, don't go speeding up the driveway...

That get's everyone up to date with me. Kind of sad considering the gorgeous pictures Sean posted below. But remember, I am Wonder Woman.
Love to all...

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