Friday, March 9, 2007

Here is a the BLOG I spoke of

First time I have ever blogged, actually, let alone try setting one up. I had started by deploying a blog tool called WordPress onto our personal website, but then after coming to my senses, and with some guidance, I chose to use . is a Google product. It requires a Google account login in order for you to post messages. IF you have a Google account, send me your email address of that account, and I will add/invite you as an author to this blog (You must be an author in order to post messages!). Otherwise, I have created a generic Google account for all of you to use:, and the password is "boltmans" WITH a ZERO instead of the letter O. All lowercase.

Go to

You should see "Sign In" towards the upper right. Click it. Sign in using your google account, or the generic I mention above.

Logging in will leave you at a general Google website, so go back to NOTE: IF you use the Back button to get there, hit the browser refresh button. If that made no sense, what I just said, do this: Close your browser window, open a new one, then go to

You should see, now that you are logged in, a "New Post" link up in the top right, next to where "Sign In" was. If you have this, then you have "arrived". You can post messages, and if you wish, include pictures with them (using the little picture icon in that edit panel you are given).

You will also notice that on EXISTING posts to the blog, that you can click on the COMMENTS word at the bottom of the post and add whatever you want to that message.

Ready set go. Use our traditional email connections we have established to work through issues you run up against.

Welcome to blogging, post date 2004.


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