Friday, March 23, 2007

Fighter plane action. Three of you go up with an instructor. You go fly to a remote area, and you dogfight. They start you in pairs, one pair a ta time. You fly on opposite circle till your flying right at each other. As soon as you pass each other, the fight is on. The common technique at that point is to pull up... and go as high as you can, just to point of stall, then nose it over and head down-then-up again, straight up. Next thing you know your starting to gain position on the other. Other plane is doing the same drill most likely. Who ever gets the most revs on the plunge is successfull in height when heading straight up, and will eventually gain sight on the other plane first. I placed second in the battles. The whole thing was very exhilerating.

My basketball star. She had a great year this year. She was tough on the boards, and on average accounted for 1/4 of the teams points each game.
Huge transition from last year. The whole team actually. Her team is the Cougars. She plays center/low post. There is nothing more fun than watching her games!

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Boltman Anony said...

Very cool fighter-pilot pictures! We tried to find something like this in our area for Mike's 40th birthday, but the F16 and Warthog traffic in our area seems to take precedent over the fun stuff right now!

How long does basketball season last? Are you guys having to travel very far out of your area for games?