Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

APRIL 11TH continued

Me and my snowman..I call it 'HULK in progress'. By tomorrow, with the rain now coming down, he will be gone.

Then when Barb got home I opened my present(s) from my wonderful sisters. There was one box, but it contained many presents. The picture on the right shows most of them. The Dragon Sign, the Sticky Slinky Monster, the Voodoo Doll, the Moen Paper Clip thing, The bottle of gin, and my favorite..MAX. Max is sooo cute and cuddly. Barb told me that he will go with the rest of my collection...when I asked her what she was talking about - she said, "you know, your collection of stuffed animals from cartoon know, like your "SNOWMAN" and the "LUMBERJACK" that you have downstairs on the bookshelf. It took me a long time to figure out what she was talking about, but when I did it was the best laugh I've had in a while...she was talking about the little stuffed toys of YUKON CORNELIUS and the BUMBLE...GOD it's tough getting old. Anyway, I include a closeup of MAX to complete this blog...

An older Pops

APRIL 11th

What a great day....You've heard of April Showers....Take a look.

The first picture is thru the kitchen window at one of the bird feeders. This one is primarily for Gold will notice a Junko, usually a ground feeder, on the suet holder,'s hard to find seeds on the ground with 3-4" of snow. (Did I not title this as April 11th). This pic is hindered by taking it through the window screen. Today I worked and it was busy - but at 5pm I decided that I was done for the day and went out to shovel out a place for Barb to park when she got home. It was tough..the snow was very wet and very I did as little as possible. But it was nice outside, and with the snow being just right, I decided that it would only natural for a kid to make a snowman...seeing no other kids around, being the only one, I took the project on myself. The snow was perfect. I created THE HULK! When Barb got home I had her take a picture of me and him. (I just noticed that all the pictures are being inserted at the top of the blog - not where I want them...since I have run out of options to locate the pics...I will end this blog and continue on the next.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Mighty Daffodil

Spring in Michigan can be very difficult some years. 2007 appears to be one of those years. Early in February many plants mistook the warm weather and Al Gores retrospect to indicate that "Spring has Sprung". Some reached the height of several inches before the 12"+ snows hit. After the snows finally melted you found some very sorry looking plants - some looked dead. But, given warming temps plus a heavy dose of sunshine, they made a come back. The most prominent was the Mighty Daffodil. They blazed with bright yellow and stood tall in the otherwize barren garden. That is, until last Tuesday...

As you can see, they are forced to bow to nature for now - but they will return.

Daffodil's are strong and determined. Although I do not know our family's "Daffodil" very well - I'd be willing to bet that she has the same characteristics.