Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Mighty Daffodil

Spring in Michigan can be very difficult some years. 2007 appears to be one of those years. Early in February many plants mistook the warm weather and Al Gores retrospect to indicate that "Spring has Sprung". Some reached the height of several inches before the 12"+ snows hit. After the snows finally melted you found some very sorry looking plants - some looked dead. But, given warming temps plus a heavy dose of sunshine, they made a come back. The most prominent was the Mighty Daffodil. They blazed with bright yellow and stood tall in the otherwize barren garden. That is, until last Tuesday...

As you can see, they are forced to bow to nature for now - but they will return.

Daffodil's are strong and determined. Although I do not know our family's "Daffodil" very well - I'd be willing to bet that she has the same characteristics.


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