Wednesday, April 11, 2007

APRIL 11th

What a great day....You've heard of April Showers....Take a look.

The first picture is thru the kitchen window at one of the bird feeders. This one is primarily for Gold will notice a Junko, usually a ground feeder, on the suet holder,'s hard to find seeds on the ground with 3-4" of snow. (Did I not title this as April 11th). This pic is hindered by taking it through the window screen. Today I worked and it was busy - but at 5pm I decided that I was done for the day and went out to shovel out a place for Barb to park when she got home. It was tough..the snow was very wet and very I did as little as possible. But it was nice outside, and with the snow being just right, I decided that it would only natural for a kid to make a snowman...seeing no other kids around, being the only one, I took the project on myself. The snow was perfect. I created THE HULK! When Barb got home I had her take a picture of me and him. (I just noticed that all the pictures are being inserted at the top of the blog - not where I want them...since I have run out of options to locate the pics...I will end this blog and continue on the next.

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